Having Fun in China ~ Easy-Peasy!

The Chinese are having more fun than any other people I've seen in other cultures I lived in. Whereas I though that the Chinese are a serious, gloomy and hard working nation, I was pleasantly surprised to find a very open, genuinely friendly and generally smiling people, although I do not intend to generalise. From what I've witnessed so far, in the four months I've been here, I still can't decide whether it's eating or shopping that's the biggest source of fun. 

Innocent child play ~ like in the good ol' days...

It warms my heart every time I pass a group of children playing together, usually on the pavement or on the grass in the green zones of their urbanisation. They seem very happy playing cards together, or snapping some round plastic coins onto the ground, the face of which would determine whose turn it would be next. There's no anxiousness about having to get the latest gadgets or the most fashionable surf boards - no... the togetherness seems to do the trick.

Raining won't keep us from playing!


Having fun with English speaking friends

I would like to set up a connection by Skype between my friends and students here in China and my friends and students from around the world. If you think that you or your child could have fun making new friends and talking about themselves, thus practising their English, please click here. We have candidates for long distance socialising between 5 and 70 years old!