Project English by Skype

A new way of keeping in touch, making new friends, using and improving our English and, well... having fun in the meanwhile!

Please use the form below to express your interest to participate. It's all free - the only requirement is for you to treat everybody else with respect, to have the patience to help when anybody is struggling with their vocabulary or grammar and to keep our Skype environment clear of any kind of abuse, bullying or otherwise offensive activities.

What will happen once you subscribe by sending the form below?

  • You'll get to our 'Thank you' page, from which you can carry on exploring this website.
  • Within 24 hours you will receive a personal email, requesting more information about your preferred time for the sessions and other aspects that are relevant to your situation, but not covered on the Subscription Form
  • Once we've established the time for our sessions, we'll expect to meet you punctually, or otherwise notify us in advance if you can't make it afterall. Our children over here are making an effort to travel to our site accompanied by their parents.

What happens if you see us on Skype and you'd like to join the conversation?

Well, this shouldn't be a problem in general. However, you'll have to wait for us to obtain the approval of all those involved in the ongoing conversation and/or the approval of the parents accompanying the children having the Skype session, if they are present. If they aren't, then the teacher's or otherwise childminder's decision will be sufficient for you to join.

Join us on Skype sometimes!

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Learning about China
Sharing ideas with people
Playing online games
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