Exploring China ~ Wish You Were Here!

One evening the penny finally dropped...  A change of culture was what I needed.

Moving from gloomy Spain to a more dynamic environment, China seemed like a good move. So, I thought to myself it was time to throw the dice!

Well, it was the Chinese I Ching coins and the predictions were favourable, so...

Ready, steady, here I am!

How does one choose the best location in China?

Armed with my positive outlook on life and a part-time contract with Aston School in Lianyungang, on the Eastern coast of China, my rollercoaster trip landed me in a pretty apartment (not shared, as I was told during my interview) on the 5th floor of this tower block in Donghai, right at the crossroads of two 6-lane main roads. My good karma manifested a work environment with a boss and two colleagues who treated me like a sister from the word 'go'. It wasn't all easy though and it still isn't! Click here to read the story about my journey to China.

Making friends and keeping in touch

Quests, adventures, missions, expeditions.... what is life all about? Everyone wonders from time to time. Personally, I think life is for living, being involved in what's going on around us and learn from it, expand our experience. A pattern started to form in my life during my adult years - instead of taking trips to various countries during my yearly holidays, which were and are unaffordable to say the least, I tend to stay in a country for a lengthy duration and integrate, learning the language, making friends, I live wherever I go and now I'll be in China for a while.

I'm fortunate to have understood the value of true friendship and I've been blessed with some wonderful friends, starting with my two younger brothers. This website is being built as a means of keeping in touch with my good friends and a showcase for my newly budding friendships. Although it's just a skeleton at the moment (site map ~ to be updated...), I'm missing being in touch with you my friends, so I think it's time I should invite you to keep me company, albeit from long distance. Please use the form below to communicate with me and rest assured it's all private.

On the other hand, use this form for sending in your news and events, including photos, which I can post on the website for us all to keep in touch. For now, I'm working on the Red Letter Days, which I hope will become a long and joyful calendar of our birthdays, anniversaries and other memorable events. You can then send your own friends to visit those pages. It's fun!

I'd love to hear from you, my friends!

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Working in China is not difficult, if what you have to offer matches the local necessities. English teaching is one of the most sought after skill.
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